Proximity Marketing for Law Firm Lead Generation

Think advertising online is complicated? Not anymore.

PROXIMITING MARKETING has arrived! We can place your ads anywhere you like for $1.56 per day (this includes a minimum of 5,000 impressions per Month). The ads emanate from ANY location/address you choose. Realtors should have these in their office and/or every listing, Personal Injury Attorneys should have these in every emergency room, restaurants should have these IN their locations........I could go on! THIS IS a “Virtual Billboard” IN the location you want new customers!.

The big marketing companies DO NOT want YOU to know about this.

Google does not want you to know about this.

We can deliver a minimum of 10,000 impressions per month then your cost is $0.0077 per impression or $77.00 per Month. Take it to the next level and deliver 50,000 impressions per Month for only $297.00 per month at $0.00594 per impression.

When someone clicks on your ad that is delivered to our advertising network that consists of Facebook, Google, CNN, Forbes, ABC, ESPM, USA Today, Instagram, Twitter and hundreds more, they are then sent to a landing page (OR your website) that you can customize with additional information and video (if you like).

Why use our GEO Fencing Program? After the first month of service we will be able to tell where your ads do best with our advanced analytics program. We can also A/B test your ads if you purchase more than one "Virtual Pin". What age range responds best to your ads? What gender responds best? What are your target clients interests? What time of day do your clients respond to your ads?

The second thirty days we will be able to target the clients that have better conversion ratios getting even MORE "Bang for You Buck" than the first month. It doesn't end here...

The third month based on knowing the demographics of your client we will be able to retarget those potential clients that click on your ad. In fact, we will retarget up to ten times in the following two weeks of the original click.

If you need help creating your ad and/or landing page let me know and I can help!

As far as I can tell there is NO reason that every business should not be doing this. Start advertising to your next customer today!

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